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Faculty of Public Health

Meeting with Synergy Group

The rector and administrative staff met with the representatives of Synergy Group, a leading organization in organization culture in Georgia. The parties discussed existing strcuture of the university. The representatives of Synergy Group also gave some recommendations to the university staff on the project of the new organization structure.









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2017-12-28 18:00
Faculty of Medicine

New Simulation Laboratory


Tbilisi Medical Teaching University Hippocrates acquired a new simulation laboratory. The laboratory includes all simulation equipments described in the draft of the new professional standard of medicine and is one of th best in Georgia. At the moment, the lab is in the process of installation.

The lab will assist professors and students to make the clinical study profess more interesting and realisting. The lab covers the areas of medicine and dental medicine.


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2017-12-18 09:00

Faculty of Medicine

Meeting with an Insurance Company Irao

A representative of the Insurance Company Irao met with the students, professors and administration of Tbilisi Medical Teaching University Hippocrates.

At the meeting, there was a presentation on the private insurance package and the chararacteristics of the insurance culture in Georgia.

The university is going to organize such meetings with other companies.

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2017-12-09 03:22
Faculty of Pharmacy

Meeting with a Representative of ISEC

The representative of Georgian office of international student organization ISEC gave a presentation about ISEC programs. One of the main goals of ISEC is to support ties among the students from different countries.

Teaching university is going to get actively invloved in the ISEC programs in 2018, ensure that the students get information and help them successfully to pass ISEC competitions.


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2017-11-02 09:00